Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Digital Library

A digital library is a collection of documents in organized electronic form, available on the Internet or on CD-ROM disks. A digital library is a type of information retrieval system. A digital library, also called an online library, an internet library, a digital repository, or a digital collection is an online database of digital objects that can include text, still images, audio, video, digital documents, or other digital media formats or a library accessible through the internet. Depending on the specific library, a user may be able to access magazine articles, books, papers, images, sound files, and videos.

With the advance in digital technology, more and more people are choosing e-books and audiobooks over printed books. Amazon alone offers millions of e-books in every category you could think of Some are free, while others come with a hefty price tag.  The good news is that you can always head over to a digital library to get the information you need when you need it. You just have to know what to look for, and these digital libraries are a great place to start if you want free e-books, audiobooks, and other online resources.

10 Digital Libraries:

1.     Open Library (4,58,059+ e-Books Borrowed)

2.     Project Gutenberg (60,000+ e-Books)

3.     Internet Archive (32 Million e-Books)

4.     Wiley Online Library (22,000+ e-Books & 1600+ e-Journals)

5.     World Digital Library (Rare books, Manuscripts 19,000+ Publications)

6.     Free e-Books (40,000+ e-Books)

7.     Book bub

8.     Bean Free Library

9.     Many Books (50,000+ e-Books)

10.       mash words (92,178+ e-Books)

11.       Z-Library

12.       E-sahitya



e-Journals & e-Magazines

Newspaper Clippings



Audio Books


E-News Papers


e-Question Papers


Annual Magazine 

Bibliographies/ Autobiographies

Year books

BBKKRC Library


Thesis & Dissertations





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